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    David L. Gregory, Professor of Law at St. John’s University School of Law. B.A. Catholic University, M.B.A. Wayne State University; J.D. University of Detroit; LL.M., J.S.D., Yale University Law School. He has appeared on major television programs many times, authored and lectured exhaustively at all types of Discussion Forums and colleges, and is a member of dozens of associations. He is an expert on labor, employment and constitutional law, as well as on the issues of implementing Ex corde Ecclesiae in a Catholic College including hiring practices, government funding, academic freedom, and the theologian’s mandate. More Info - (PDF File) May take a minute to open


    Michael Pakaluk, Professor of Philosophy at Clark University B.A. Harvard College, M.Lit. University of Edinburgh, Ph.D Harvard University. He is expert on the study of Philosophy and Religion in a Liberal Arts College, and Ex corde. He has published and lectured extensively on Ethics, Catholic Apologetics, Political Philosophy, Analytic Philosophy, St. Thomas, Aristotle and the History of Philosophy. He is currently writing an introduction to the Ethics for Cambridge University Press and is on Board of the > > > American Public Philosophy Institute. He is a convert to Catholicism and resides in Worcester with his wife and seven children. More Info - May take a minute to open


    Victor J. Melfa, President Holy Cross Cardinal Newman Society, President The Training Associates.
    B.S. Physics Holy Cross 1957, M.A. Physics Columbia University, M.B.A. Northeastern University.

    At Holy Cross Vic was first in his Physics Class winning the Nugent Gold Medal, won the Crompton Scientific Essay Gold Medal and graduated 10th out of a class of 450. Besides other activities, he was active as a Sodalist, Mass Server, member of the Aquinas Philosophy Circle roundtable, Founder and President of the Holy Cross Physics Club, and Editor of the Cross Product Physics Journal.

    Besides being active in several Catholic lay organizations, Vic is a leader in the computer industry having cofounded both the IT Training Association and CompTIA, the world’s largest IT training and services associations, respectively. He has also founded several leading companies in the industry including The Training Associates which is the largest Professional Trainer Staffing and Consulting company serving the IT training industry. He is also a business consultant and has been an adjunct college professor in both technical and business subjects.

    Matthew Smith, Holy Cross Class of 2002 – B.A. Philosophy. Matt is a recent graduate who will talk about some of his religious experiences during his 4 years as a student at Holy Cross. He has been on the Varsity Hockey Team for the last 3 years.