It's official! In an extraordinary move, Pope Benedict XVI himself will beatify John Henry Cardinal Newman this September in England.

This puts Newman one step away from sainthood!

This is immensely important for anyone who is concerned about the state of the culture and the Catholic Church in America.  Cardinal Newman would be the perfect saint for our time.

He can be a powerful patron for the renewal of Catholic identity in Catholic education . . . the embrace of authentic Catholic theology . . . and the exciting reunification with Anglican Christians.

In prayer, God allows us to cooperate with His plans for the Church and the world.  For this reason it is so important that you join our Prayer Campaign for Newman's Canonization!

Will you please take one minute right now and do these two simple things?

1) Pray the "Prayer for Canonization" below.

2) Forward this message to friends who will help storm Heaven with prayer.


Prayer for Canonization

The Cardinal Newman Society (CNS) is the sponsor of the Newman Legacy Project, an effort to preserve and promote Newman's thought and influence, especially with regard to Catholic Education.

This work is done in partnership with the Oratory in Birmingham, England, a small community of Catholic priests that was Newman's home after he converted from the Anglican Church and until his death in 1890.

Very Rev. Richard Duffield, the Oratory's provost, is the Actor of the Cause for Newman's canonization.  He also serves as the John Henry Cardinal Newman Distinguished Fellow of The Center for the Advancement of Catholic Higher Education, a division of CNS.

The Cardinal Newman Society and the Birmingham Oratory are co-sponsoring a pilgrimage to the beatification in September, the only "official" pilgrimage from the U.S. that is endorsed by the Oratory.

For more information about these and other Newman-related activities, see

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